Создание градиентного свечения по контуру клипа actionscript, книги м драу на андроид

Language Version: ActionScript 3.0 You can use the new Point() constructor to create a Point object. View the examples. More examples. Translating. Кроме того, фильтр градиентного свечения позволяет применять GradientGlowFilter; // Create a new Shape instance. var shape:Shape = new Shape(). In this series, Doug Winnie shows you how to get up and running with ActionScript. Learn how to use ActionScript to manipulate objects, create event handlers. Static Value used to specify a linear gradient fill. GradientType. RADIAL : String = "radial". static Value used to specify a radial gradient fill. GradientType.

To write custom behaviors, create an XML file that contains the ActionScript 3.0 code to perform the desired behavior.

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